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Cocoon Butterfly

Cocoon Butterfly sets out to create a unique new lifestyle brand that fuses eastern and western culture to combine traditional Chinese design with 21st Century modernism.
Cocoon butterfly's philosophy has evolved out of a tradition of sourcing the best silk and silk manufacturers in China and Shanghai region, combined with a commitment to bespoke 'hand-made' tailoring techniques.
It continues to develop its unique style through the development of close relationships with clients, often on a very personal level, to create exclusive products which are vivid, elegant and comfortable.
Cocoon Butterfly's products are created for everyday use with an emphasis on functionality and always use the highest quality materials and workmanship in the construction of its products. We take great pride in providing the highest quality customer service and to offer very competitive prices.
Cocoon Butterfly was founded in 2003 by Helen Yu.

Contact Details:

Unit 16,
The 1929 Shop
18 Watermill Way
Merton Abbey Mills
SW19 2RD


Telephone: 07904 234186

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