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Handmade Arts & Craft Market
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

Special Offer

Winter trading at the Mills
Through October
Own hand made arts and crafts £5 per day
All other products and produce £10 per day
Through November and December
Own hand made arts and crafts £5 per day
All other products and produce £20 for a Saturday, £25 for a Sunday or £30 for both days
Through January to March 2015
Own hand made arts and crafts £5 per day
All other products and produce £10 per day


PLEASE NOTE: From April, 2013 the 'FREE' stalls will change to a subsidised cost of £5 per day.

To qualify for a stall your art or craft product must be, in the Market's opinion, your own creation and/or handmade.

In the first instance you must send in (preferably by email) comprehensive details of what you make together with any photographs and endorsements that you might have about your work.

All your contact details will be required at this time (address, contact number/s etc).

Depending on how easy it is to for us to judge whether the product qualifies for a stall or not, you might also be asked to bring in some samples for us to see in person.

At this point the decision on whether you will be allowed to trade for or not will be made. This decision is final.

Obviously you are still allowed to trade on-site even if you aren't selling what we consider to be handmade goods, but you will be required to pay a rental charge (see details below).

The market will only have a finite amount of stalls (approx 80) to give away, so preference will be given to traders who want to commit to trading every week. Once you become a regular, the pitch will be yours to trade from every week.

All regular traders must take their pitches no later than 9am. Unless we are notified well in advance, any pitch that is not taken up will be released to a casual trader for that day. You will effectively lose your pitch and will have to revert back to being a casual trader.

If you want to just trade on occasion you will be a casual trader and once we are satisfied your product is suitable, you will be added to our casual traders list.

Depending on how busy the market becomes we may not be able to guarantee casual traders a stall. Casual traders will have to arrive on the morning they want to trade by 9am at the latest, and will then be given a stall on a first come first served basis.

When all stalls have been filled you will need to wait until 9.05am and if at this point a regular pitch has not been taken, we will give it to the person highest on the waiting list for that day only.

There are two stall types:

1. A permanent built 8' x 6' covered stall with electricity. These do not come with tables (It is a walk-in stall and you should provide your own table if you require one). Tables might be available for hire on a daily basis - please enquire nearer the time if you want one.

2. Temporary built stall 6' x 2'6" These stalls are built for the weekend and come with cover, electricity and table tops.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not supply chairs.

All other traders commercial or otherwise will be charged the following rates based on a 6' x 2'6" covered outside stall:-

Saturday only - £20

Sunday only - £25

Full weekend - £30

Contact Details:

Market Director, Peter Wallder,

c/o 20 The Long Shop,
Merantun Way,
Merton Abbey Mills,
London, SW19 2RD.

Telephone: 020 8543 9608

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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